Which Versions are Currently Supported By KineMaster?

KINE MASTER which is a significant tool for editing the video for the professional platforms. This video editing application has been launched by the NEX-streaming which is a popular multimedia software developing company in Korea.

KINE MASTER is best known for its video editing purposes and it is considered as the best video editing application when it comes to editing the long video and using them in a professional manner.

Due to the increasing usage of the KINE MASTER, many of the users have been asking us about the compatibility factor of the KINE MASTER. They want to know that what are actually the devices or the operating systems, on which the KINE MASTER can be used. Today in this article we are going to address the same aspect.

Well, the Kinemaster was originally developed solely for the Android-based smartphones by the NEX Streaming company. Later when the Kinemaster received an immense appreciation from the users the developing company launched the Kinemaster for the Apple IOS devices and all the versions of the IPAD as well.

In the present scenario, the Kinemaster is available solely for the Android, IOS and the IPAD devices and it offers no compatibility to the Windows mobiles or any other computing devices.

If you are using the Android Smartphone and want to run the Kinemaster video editing application then you must be having the 4.1.2 version of the Android operating system, as this application is not compatible with the Android version which is lower than that, however you can use the Kinemaster on any advanced or the later version of the Android Smartphone than the 4.1.2 version.

On the other hand, if we talk about the IOS operating system then here you need 9.3 IOS operating version (64 Bit) in order to run the Kinemaster and you can use the Kinemaster on any advanced version of the IOS. It can support iPhone, IPAD and any model of iPod.

In the Android devices, the Kinemaster can be compatible with any Android device which satisfies the minimum operating version of the Android device, which is 4.1.2 and you can opt for any brand Android Smartphone it will make no difference.

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