Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

How Can I Merge 2 Videos Using The KineMaster App?

Kinemaster which is one of the most professional video editing applications available out there in the market. It is basically a smart-phone based mobile applications which are available for the Android and the iOS devices throughout the world.

This application is available both at the free version and at the paid version as well. With the free version, the users get the basic features of editing the videos.

On the other hand with the paid premium version the users get the most advanced features which are used to enhance the video editing and make it presentable at the professional platforms such as social media etc.

So many of the users have been asking us that whether the Kinemaster application can be used to merge the two video which has been shot in the different time-lapse and need to be merged now as a final outcome.

Well, the answer is yes with Kinemaster application you can merge two videos very easily and this feature is considered to be the very basic feature of the Kinemaster application.

This application is equipped with the advanced features and adding the multiples layers of video or merging the two videos together is one of those features.

Here we are telling you the method by which you can merge two videos through Kinemaster.

  • First of all, open the Kinemaster application and then start the new project.
  • Now in the New project, you can add any two videos which you want to merge with each other.
  • After adding the two videos you need to overlay the video.

Now the two videos that you added will be merged and will be played as one whole video.

This feature is one of the best features of the Kinemaster which is used at the professional level to merge the various videos together and present it as one video. You can use many other professional tools of the Kinemaster to enhance the overall quality of the video.

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