Kinemaster Pro Video Editor Apk Version List- 2019

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the various versions of KM along with their names, so that you can have the basic information about them. You would be able to pick the right version of it for you after reading the entire article.

Kinemaster is a popular and a potent video editing application, which has the set of features to edit the videos in your own desired or the professional manner. The application has been designed specifically for smartphone users, who want all the advanced video editing features in their smartphone devices. 

This application has been designed by the Nexstreaming incorporation which is based in the United States. In the present scenario, this application has become the most used video editing application and is being used as the alternative of the PC video editing software. 

KM is having plenty of its versions which is developed by the development team of it from time to time so that the users can be provided with some additional features. Each version of KM can be distinguished from the other in the terms of its features and the pricing factors. 

Kinemaster Pro Video Editor 

This is the first and the most powerful version of KM and it can be regarded as the full-fledged software of it. This version comes with the fully unblocked features and lets you have access over all the features of KM.

Kinemaster Pro Video Editor 

This version is best suitable to the people who are indulged in the task of professional video editing as you get all the advanced features in it. 

This is a paid version of KM which means the users will be required to buy the premium membership in order to use all the features. Here are the major features of this pro version. 

  • Watermark-free video editing.
  • Chroma key feature access to change the background of the videos just like in the VFX model.
  • You can add multiple layers to the video and adjust the playing speed.
  • 3D and other transactions effects.
  • Adjusting The video playing speed.
  • Change in the audio effects for the enhanced audio settings.
  • Real-time video recording and editing. 
  • Direct social media sharing.

Kinemaster Mod V Series 

This is the other mod series of KM which has the multiples versions under it such as V3, V4, V5 etc. This series is suitable for the people who want to have specific features instead of having access to all the features.

Kinemaster Mod V Series 

This version of KM costs lower than the pro version’s premium membership and hence if you want to enjoy some decent set of features at the lower price, then you can consider going for this version. 

Kinemaster Diamond Version

Kinemaster Diamond Version

This is the yet another version of KM in our list and as the name suggests this is the other premium and the advanced version of KM which comes with some decent features. In this version, you will get access to all the advanced features of KM just like the pro version after buying the premium membership plan of it.

Here are the top features of this version for your consideration.

  • Blue special theme as the user interface.
  • Watermark-free video editing features.
  • Tons of the unlocked premium assets at the KM store.
  • Support to all kind of video formats.
  • Chroma key features for the background change of the videos.
  • Adding multiple layers to the videos.

Kinemaster Lite APK 

Well, this version of KM is the great hit for all those users who are willing to have a lightweight version of KM. This version will work even with the low-end devices, which have less ram and room combination.

Kinemaster Lite APK 

This is the mod version and hence you can Install it from the APK file setup and you will get access to some decent features in this version as well.

Kinemaster Prime APK 

There are the users who are looking for the alternative version of Kinemaster pro and the prime is the best substitute of KM pro. In this version as well you will get access to almost the same kind of features. The only difference is of the size as the KM prime comes in the lesser size than the pro version. You can install this version from the APK file set up which you can download from the web. 

So, these are some of the most commonly used versions of KM and each of the version is special in itself from the other version. Now it’s up to you to go for the particular version which satisfies or serves all your purposes.

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