What is The Supported Formats of KineMaster Support?

Kinemaster which is one of the most used video editing applications in the present scenario along with the highest user’s satisfaction ratings, after the Adobe Premiere Pro.

We all know that it’s a modern world and is a world of social media where every other individual wants to express him/herself by the mediums of social media and video is the source by which the platform of social media is defined.

Kinemaster is one such video editing application which comes with the plenty of the features to edit the video from any angle and in your desired manner.

There are many types of the media such as pictures, audio, recording, video etc. and all these types of the media have a particular format such as video may have the 3GP, MP4, HD and the other format. In a similar way, the picture and the audio songs also have their respective formats.

Taking the format of the media is essential since there are many social media platform and other platforms which have the policy to accept the fixed formats of the media.

Many of the Kinemaster users in this regard have been asking us as to what kind of media format does the Kinemaster support so that they could know whether the Kinemaster support.

Well, we know that Kinemaster is the application which provides support to the maximum media formats available than any other video editing applications.

Here we are providing you with the list of media formats that the Kinemaster supports.

  • Video Formats of the Imported Videos

MP4-H.264 Baseline/High profile/Maim

3GP-H.264 Baseline/mainline/High profile

MOV-H.264 Baseline/mainline/high profile

  • Audio formats support


  • Images Support to the Imported Images


  • Support to the Export Video

MP4-H.264 Baseline+ AAC LC

So, above we have provided you with the complete list of media formats which are supported by the Kinemaster. The list includes all kinds of the major media formats that are compatible with the Kinemaster.

You can use any type of above-mentioned media format and edit such media in the desired way and you can provide the shape of the same format to the output media, which is edited by the Kinemaster.

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