How To Download & Install Kinemaster For Android [Unlocked 2019]

Here below we are providing you with the step by guide to download the Kinemaster For Android. There are two ways of getting or downloading the KM for android one is through the Google play store, and the other is by using the Apk setup of KM. 

Kinemaster is a revolutionary video editing application in the smartphone video editing applications. It is the name which is probably kept into consideration by every such person, who often has to get indulged in the task of video editing. 

KM has been specifically innovated for the smartphone users who are quite busy, and thus want to edit the videos while they are on the go. This application is an ideal application for the social media enthusiasts, who are working as a creative media persons such as the YouTubers etc. 

With the help of this application, you can easily edit any video in the most professional manner. It is equipped with the tons of the video editing features, and here below we are listing the major features of this application.

  • It supports all the formats of the videos.
  • It provides the multiple layers to the videos.
  • There are certain audio effects to edit or enhance audio quality.
  • It offers multiple video editing stickers.
  • You can have the instant preview of the edited videos in KM.
  • Real-time recording and the editing feature.
  • You can adjust the video playing speed.
  • You can share the edited videos to the direct social media platform.

Downloading The Kinemaster

This is the main concern of our topic after discussing the relevance of this video editing application. We would like to tell you that there are two kinds of KM version’s available for the users. One is the free and the basic version while the other is the paid version.

It is needless to say that the paid version is better than the free version since in the free version we get the KM watermark on the edited video, which is not the right symbol in the professional video editing. Watermark is the tag or the mark of the Kinemaster which happens to appear on the video if you have edited the video using the free version of KM.

Moreover, the free and the basic version of KM is also short on the video editing features. It is equipped with very limited features which are never enough for any professional video editors, and this is why we always suggest going for the paid or the premium version of KM.

In the paid version you will get access to all the premium features of it which are necessary to edit the videos in the best professional manner. The paid version will render you the watermark-free edited videos, which you can upload at the formal platforms such as YouTube, Instagram etc. 

Here is how you can Install KM using the Google play store.

  • First of all, go to your Google play store.
  • There type the name of the specific version of KM since there are many versions of it.
  • Once the desired version appears in the results then click on the install option.
  • It will begin installing now.
  • Once the installation is finished then you are good to go. 

You will be required to buy the premium version of KM in order to enjoy the premium features of it.

Installing The Kinemaster For Android using the APK File 

This is the other way of installing the KM on your android device, and this is how you can Install it in this way.

Users will need to buy the premium version of KM in order to enjoy all the premium features of the specific version.

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