What are The Features of Kinemaster- How It Use

KM application has been integrated with the advanced features by the help of which you can easily edit your videos in the professional and the desirable manner.

Kinemaster is the leading and the prominent video editing application in the present domain of the smartphone devices. We know that we are living in an era where the things have become more remote, that now most of the computer based tasks are being executed by the help of smartphone devices. 

Video editing is one of those tasks which is done by the social media enthusiasts, as many of the people are now taking their career or interest to the extreme limits of the social media. This is why they need the appropriate software or application which can assist them in the task of video editing and KM is the leading name, which comes on the first spot now in that regard. 

It is basically a video editing application which can execute the video editing task right from your smartphone device as it has been designed only for the smartphone devices. It means with this application you are not going to need the PC software to edit your videos, as this application is already equipped with the same kinds of potential. 

Here below we are going to list down those features for you so that you can have the easy reference of them. 

  • KM supports all kinds of format for the videos thus you can edit any type of videos with it.
  • It offers the chroma key features by the help of which you can easily change the background of the video,pics or text.
  • You can add multiple layers over the video in this application in the form of text,emoji etc.
  • You can record the video on real time and then can easily edit in the same manner.
  • You can have the instant preview of the videos in the application and then can make the required changes in it. 
  • You can adjust the video playing speed of the video as per your own preferred way.
  • You can also edit the video in the animated style. 
  • The videos can be directly shared on the social media platforms from the KM application. 

So, these are the major features of this application and we have covered just the prominent feature of it. You will get the many other features as per the version of KM that you choose for your use.

You are further informed that in order to enjoy all the above mentioned unlocked features of KM you will be required to buy the premium version of it. The free version offers very limited features, which are not meant to be used in the professional video editing, thus our suggestion would be to go for the premium version of it.

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