Top Best Editing Software For Making Videos on YouTube?

YouTube in the present scenario is one such social media platforms which have given the opportunity to the million or billion of the landmass to define, and showcase their talent or themselves on its platform. YouTube undoubtedly has given a whole new definition to the media where any individual can express him/herself in any manner possible.

This is the reason that why the majority of the youth are even choosing YouTube as their professional platform and for this purpose, they upload the videos to showcase their creativity in the best possible manner.

So, if you are also one of those users who is integrated with the platform of YouTube or are planning to get integrated then this article is going to be for you.

Here in this article, we are going to suggest you the best YouTube video making, or the editing software that you can use to define your videos in the best possible manner.

Windows Movie Maker

If you are on the way of establishing your YouTube platform and hence for that purpose, you are learning to edit the videos from the scratch then Windows movie maker is the best video editing software available for you.

Windows movie maker has been in the market of video editing software for more than a decade now and in the present scenario, the Company has stopped giving updates to this video editing software.

Yet this video software is the best YouTube video editing software for the learning purpose. The software is available at free of cost and you get all the basic tools and features to edit the video such as trimming the video, adding the titles to the video and many such features.

Here are some pros and cons of this software.

  • This software is one of the easiest software to use.
  • This is the best software for the picture slide shows.
  • Fun transition feature is also available in this software.


  • The advanced video editors will not like this software since it can only perform the basic video editing job.
  • The features and the tools of editing the videos are limited in this software.

Pinnacle Studio 21.5

If you are seeking such video editing software which can support the maximum input video file formats then you should stick to the Pinnacle studio software since this software can support any format of the input video. The software is equipped with all the basic features of editing the video that is suitable both for the beginner video editors and also by the advanced scale video editors.

This software comes with the feature mosaic blue feature which is most sought by the You Tubers, and if you plan to go for the premium version of this software then you are going to get the advanced features like editing the 3D and the 4K videos.

Here are the pros and cons of this software.


  • The software is easy to use and comes with the multi-camera editing advanced features.
  • The dual preview feature is also available with this software.
  • You will also get the useful feature of duckling the audio with this software.


  • You can’t record and edit the live screen video by this software.

Corel Video Studio

Corel is the one such video editing software which has won several awards in the video editing domains. This software comes with advanced features such as editing the video with multi-tracks, 3D video editing and the effects.

Corel is one of the best video editor PC software for the people who are seeking a video editor a level beyond than the basic video editor.

You can directly export the videos to the famous social platform like YouTube, Flickr and other such platforms which can save your time by a significant margin.

Here are the pros and cons of this software.


  • You will find this software packed with all the basics and the advanced video editing features.
  • In the context of YouTube, you can edit the edit the 4 angle videos by using this software for the YouTube.
  • Advanced features such as multi-track video timeline are also there.


  • This software is not suitable for the beginning video editors.
  • The cost of the premium version is also on the higher side.

Vegas Pro

This is one such video editing software from the Sony which seeks no such introduction.

The Vegas pro is one such software from the Sony which is considered to be the luxury in the domain of the video editing, due to its premium and the super advanced features which have the potential to define the videos in a unique way.

  • Honestly speaking if you are having a free budget pocket and you are looking for a full-fledged video editing software then there couldn’t be any other software to beat the Vegas pro.
  • This software is bundled with the whole lots of advanced features such as the 3D video editing, 4K video effects, and the editing, multi-camera support editing and much more such features.
    Here are the pros and cons of this software.


  • You will get all the advanced features with this software to edit the video in a most effective manner.
  • Multi-camera video editing support is also there with this software.
  • Another useful feature such as the automatic white balance feature is also available in this video editing software.


  • This is one of the most expensive video editors in the in the video editing industry.
    The interface of this software still looks very old.

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