Best Video Editing Software For a PC like KineMaster

Kinemaster is undoubtedly one of the best video editing mobile application and the PC software. The software is highly used in media editing such as video editing tasks and this software is best to edit the long videos.

There are much other software or the mobile applications available which are used for the same purpose of video editing or making effects. Today in this article we are going to suggest you those few best alternatives which you can use instead of the Kinemaster.

AVS Video Editor

The first spot in the list is AVS video editor which has been introduced by the online media technologies. This software is best to serve the media editing tool and you can edit the media such as pictures, video, audio and much more using the AVS video editor. It is available both for the Smartphone devices and as well as the PC and you can resort to it as your professional video editing software.

Cyber-link Power-Director

Power director has been introduced by the Cyber-link which is a Chinese brand. Power director is one of the best video editing software in the market which serves the plenty of media editing purposes such as cutting the media, overlaying of the media, adding effects to the media. You can resort to it as the professional media editing software.


MAGISTO is the other video editing software which can be used to edit all kind of videos in the multiple formats. It is available for both pc and the mobile applications you can take the paid or free trial version of MAGISTO.

Animation Desk

Animation Desk is yet other decent video editing software and the mobile application. It is one of the best kinds of video editing software which is widely preferred not only for the media-editing purpose but also used by the artist in their artistic creativity editing task. You can surely consider this software as well in the place of KINE MASTER if you are an artist then you are just going to love it.

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