Top Best Android Video Maker Apps on Playstore?

We are living in a world not just of the media but also of the social media, where every individual has got both the rights and the opportunity to express him/herself. Social media is actually the platform which works like a democratic platform, where every individual has the right to put his/her side ahead.

You can not only express yourself here but can also showcase your talent before the world and get the deserving appreciation by reaching out to the masses of people.

A video is a source which is chosen by the individuals to upload on the social media platforms. In those videos, you can express yourself, your talent and much more, and for this reason, the video shooting and the editing applications are getting the prominence.

Seeing this aspect of the modern society we are here going to suggest you some of the best video making or the editing applications that you can use to make your video presentable on social media.

Power Director

Power director is a very powerful smartphone video editing mobile application from the Cyber link. Power Director is one such application in the market which is used by almost all kinds of users, whether you are an amateur video editor or also at an advanced level.

This application comes with a very easy and convenient user interface and you can edit your videos with plenty of the basics, and the advanced features of this application.

You can get this application even without paying any subscription charges, but with the premium plan you will get the watermark-free videos along with many advanced features.


Well, if you are a fan of the Apple’s gadgets then I movie is the video editing application which has been dedicated to you solely. This video editing application comes with many advanced features to make your video fully professional and the best thing about this application is that you don’t have to pay any penny for this application being the Apple user it has been made available for free.

Recently the application has been upgraded and now with i-phone 6s and the later I phone devices the application provides 4K video quality support.

KineMaster Pro

Well if you are a prime Android device user then there is no other more professional video editing application that we can suggest you than the Kinemaster Pro. This application has a top boom in the market as it is one of the most used video editing applications. The application comes with the tons of advanced features to give the desired shape to any of the angles of your videos.

There are multiples features in this application that you are going to get, it includes the multiple layers of video support, video trimming, 3D effects s, merger of the videos and much more.

Kinemaster is available both at the free and the premium subscriptions, and no need to say that with the subscription premium plan you will get the most out of this application.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Well, if you are seeking a video editing tool which can be compatible with your I-phone, Android and even the computer as well then Adobe Premiere clip is the application/software for you.

It is one of the powerful video editing software available which is suitable both for the small user interface such as smartphones and also for the large interface such as personal computer. You will need to buy the premium version of this application in order to use all the effective features of it.

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