Fri. Mar 22nd, 2019

Android Video Editing App, Adobe Premiere or KINE-MASTER?

So if you are one of those people who want to showcase their talent and seeking for the best tool to record it, then KINE-MASTER and the Adobe Premiere video editors are the best mobile applications/software available for you. You can use both of these applications or the software to shoot and edit your videos, in a way that can make them presentable on the social media platform.

Adobe Premiere is also very highly rated video media editing application which is introduced and developed by the Adobe Systems. Adobe Premiere is available both for the PC and the mobile application as well so that you can use it in your professional video editing both on your smartphone and also on the PC.

Today in this topic we are trying to figure out that which android application is best for the video editing purpose between the KINE MASTER And the Adobe Premiere. Well the KINE MASTER is undoubtedly in the trend these days and it is probably being used by the more users than the Adobe Premiere.

If we look at the ratings of both these applications then KINE MASTER is rated on the scale of 8.4 while the Adobe Premiere is rated on the 9.6 scales hence here the Adobe Premier is rated as best.

Further, if we talk about the percentage of the user’s satisfaction then the Adobe Premiere is having 97% of the user’s satisfaction, while the KINE MASTER is having the full 100% user’s satisfaction. So, here the KINE MASTER is on the upside but that’s not the true parameter of both these video editing applications.

Adobe Premiere is the software and the mobile application, which is solely preferred by the highly professional video editors and this software serves best with its amazing video editing. On the other hand, KINE MASTER is the application which is used both by the amateur or the beginner level users and also by the advanced level users.

Adobe Premiere is only available for Computer devices such as the windows or the Mac computer devices. On the other hand, KINE MASTER is available both for the Computer and the Android smartphone devices.


Well, it’s not that easy to choose the best video editing application/software between the Adobe Premiere and the KINE MASTER and it’s solely depending upon the users.

If you are someone who wants comparatively a smaller platform to edit the video with almost all kind of advanced features, then you should go for the KINE MASTER and if you are seeking for a full-fledged computer video editing software, then you should consider the Adobe Premiere.

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